So according to LJ, tomorrow is skrtomg's birthday! It could be lying to me, but whatever. Way back in the day, Sekrit wrote one of my all time favorite SP fics, “Bake Off”. As you can see here, I did not do this awesome story justice at all, and I do apologize! I haven’t had a terrible lot of time to sit down and do fandom related things (boo, adulthood) but I wanted to do a little something for you nontheless, because you are great and I love you a lot.

If you guys haven’t had the chance to read this one, DO IT NOW. It is one of the most well written, in-character South Park fics I’ve ever come across. All of Sekrit’s stuff is incredible, but this one always really stood out to me. It’s innocent and hilarious, and captures the spirit of show ridiculously well. Do yourselves a favor and check it out!!

Sekrit, you are the coolest person to talk to and also one of the sweetest and most intelligent people I’ve ever (sort of) known! I hope your birthday is fucking awesome!! <333

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Anonymous asked:

Your fanfics are shit. You only get a handful of reads because your friends with a bunch of the famous jeanmarco people. Everything you write is pointless with weakass plots and I have no idea why anybody reads your shit. You post a shit ton of messages people send you about how nice you are because your probably a bitch in person. Just fucking stop.

sp art and shit Answer:


Ok. So first let me say that you’re totally entitled to your opinion. If you don’t like my writing, fair enough. That’s not really the part of your message that I have an issue with.

I am completely cognizant of how extremely lucky I am to be friends with popular people (writers, artists, etc.) in both of the fandoms I participate in. I value those friendships and don’t use them to ‘get reads’ on my work. I am also aware that I’m not an immensely popular or well known writer within either fandom, so you’re not really telling me something I don’t know, although it’s really hurtful of you to point it out so maliciously.

My problem is this: You send me a message full of profanity and slurs, and you insinuate that I’m the one who is a bad person. I may not be perfect, but I certainly try to be genuinely nice to everyone I meet, in person and online. If I’ve ever been anything but nice to you, I deeply apologize. But if you’re only sending me this because you don’t like my work or the people that I’m friends with here on tumblr, I suggest you take yourself and your hate elsewhere. 

The unfollow button is at the top right. Now please leave me alone.

I didn’t see this earlier, but just so this anon knows:

If you have a problem with someone, ESPECIALLY my friends, and this is how you choose to treat them, come take it up with me. Quartet has been nothing but a genuinely sweet person to me and she does NOT deserve this kind of bullshit. How dare you talk to someone like that.

And to Quartet, don’t let this jerk get to you (though it seems like you handled it really well and maturely!) You’re an excellent writer and a sweet person. Keep doing what you’re doing!


burnawayy said: ;0; weeee hello!!

whoa hi thank you so much for the follow i love your work

Ahhh thank you!! And of course! I like that Shinji gif a lot ahhh!!!


skrtomg replied to your post “i want to make a south park zine”

talk to burnawayy

i saw that they wanted to make one!! right now i dont’ think i can actually spend the time to organize it, but it would be great to work with them tbh. burnawayy

Let’s get something going! I can send you my skype as soon as I get back to NJ if you want. We don’t have to do it all like, now, but we can start talking about it!

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Guys thank you thank you for the fic recs!! I can’t respond properly because I currently only have my phone but I really appreciate it THANKS SO MUCH!!!!

time to read!! fics yasssss

Anyone wanna rec some good style fics? I need some new stuff to read and I feel like I’ve read everything!!

style fic recs

Do any of you guys use skype to chat or is that not really a thing? And i just mean like, text chat not video