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AHH thank you, Sekrit!! I need to add more style to my agenda. More wangs.

I hope you’re doin SUPER GREAT!!

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Places you can report animal cruelty and negligence to!!

Hey guys! I have a decent following on here, so this seems like a good place to post this kind of thing.

If you witness or have ANY reason at all to believe that animals are being abused or neglected, PLEASE SPEAK UP! It can be difficult at times to fight because it feels like you’re alone, but I know little by little we CAN make a difference. If you see animal cruelty please REPORT IT!! Here are some good places where you can start:

The ASPCA: They give lists of what animal cruelty specifically is, state by state laws and more! They also give info on where and how you can report it!

Your local SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals): These are in virtually every state! Here are a few different resources. These are obviously not all of them. Please continue to search for more!! It’s under the cut because it’s a long list. Please feel free to add more!

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Membrain by fallingwthstyle



First up is fallingvvstyle’s Membrain, with art by burnawayy, kennymcshamrock, Marie, and nilvisk!

Summary: Stan is a handful of months from his 30th birthday, and hates his life and being an adult. Once a year he gets away from it and reconnects with the one thing he still has left of his childhood, the only time in his life when things made sense:  Kyle. And even that connection is fading away.  He would give anything to go back to those simpler days, fix a few mistakes they both made along the way, and most of all relive it and pay more attention this time. One strange night, he gets the chance to.

SPBB fics are here! If you like this, for the love of god, leave a comment on it. (If you like the art and want to comment on that, we’ll be launching a gallery where you can do that too after all the fics are posted.)

READ THIS FIC. IT IS FANTASTIC!! I was really lucky that I got to do some artwork for it! Shout out to @kennymcshamrock, Marie, and @nilvisk for their amazing artwork on this! It’s so much fun to see everything all together!

And of course, major props to @fallingvvstyle for writing this beauty. It was such a joy to read (and re-read!) and I know everyone in this fandom will love it. So yeah, GO CHECK IT OUT!!

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theonethatfartedaway asked:

Hi there!, I was just wondering if you have any good fic recs for style? Sorry for asking but I haven't read any good ones in a while. (btw your art is amazing)

sp art and shit Answer:

Okay! Sorry for taking so long to get to this! I’m in the middle of a move so I suck at internet right now!

I will recommend anything and everything by skrtomg and hollycomb. Julads is another favorite of mine. All of their work is REALLY EXCELLENT. They’re kinda like, the great triad of SP fic writers. All of them are here on tumblr, too!!

I also loved Autostunted ( sorry I can’t link atm! Ahh!!

Red String by thepinkstriper is also good, but sadly unfinished and probably never will be finished :(

Ugh there are SOOO many more! Once I have my laptop back I promise to make a more detailed list!! There a alot of amazing s/k fics @ww@