burnawayy said: ;0; weeee hello!!

whoa hi thank you so much for the follow i love your work

Ahhh thank you!! And of course! I like that Shinji gif a lot ahhh!!!


skrtomg replied to your post “i want to make a south park zine”

talk to burnawayy

i saw that they wanted to make one!! right now i dont’ think i can actually spend the time to organize it, but it would be great to work with them tbh. burnawayy

Let’s get something going! I can send you my skype as soon as I get back to NJ if you want. We don’t have to do it all like, now, but we can start talking about it!

kayotics skrtomg

Guys thank you thank you for the fic recs!! I can’t respond properly because I currently only have my phone but I really appreciate it THANKS SO MUCH!!!!

time to read!! fics yasssss

Anyone wanna rec some good style fics? I need some new stuff to read and I feel like I’ve read everything!!

style fic recs

Do any of you guys use skype to chat or is that not really a thing? And i just mean like, text chat not video

I’m trying to make a list of places to visit before going to CA and I just realized I’ve never been to DC cause I’m a shitty-ass American. But in all seriousness…is it worth going? I wanna see the Smithsonian but thats about it…

personal mrehhh bloop

dinzeeyz asked:


sp art and shit Answer:

WAAHHHH THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Your art is really awesome too!! ;__; ahhh!